Cleaning Services

Has your busy life left you with little to no time to clean your home?  Unexpected visit from family/friends?  Has your new bundle of joy left you tired and in need of a little help?  Do you own a seasonal rental property you need taken care of?  Let Clean The Cape do the work for you!  Every job is unique just like you!  Clean The Cape will come to your home and assess your needs.  Pricing - based on the individual job.


Experienced in new construction jobs.

Commercial services offered.

Personalized Shopping

New mom?  Demanding job?  Health restrictions?  Elderly parents who'd benefit from having their groceries delivered?  Upcoming party or gathering you'd like help shopping for?  Seasonal rental property that needs attention with toiletries etc?  Clean The Cape will do your grocery shopping for you!  Personalized grocery shopping and delivery service.  Pricing - $25/hr

Pet Services

New puppy?  Does your pet need to go for a walk while you're at work?  Going out of town for the day?  Clean The Cape will come to your home and help with your pet.  Clean The Cape loves their pet and will treat your pet with the same love and care.                     Pricing - $20/half hr


Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress and can affect every facet of your life.  Clean The Cape wants to help you declutter your home!  Just like our house cleaning service, every decluttering job is unique. Clean The Cape will come to your home and assess your needs.  Assisting in the decluttering process from beginning to end.  Pricing - based on individual job.

Let's Get Started!

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